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Balloons signify trying to hold onto something but also signify letting go. A balloon that escapes your grasp and is unable to be retrieved is a very sinking, empty, and scary feeling– it’s lost into the wild blue yonder, never to be seen or touched again. With life, holding onto something that is not staying with you by choice (tugging on the balloon strings, so to speak), is also very sinking, empty, and scary feeling… that is until you let it go and feel how freeing the release is. Sometimes we struggle so hard to keep something or someone with us, that we don’t see that the answer lies in letting go.

Blush’s lyrics point to this, “Embrace the light, the silence will be broken once you face your fright. Reflection of the being who you are inside who shines so bright and get you up and away.”

Also, with the past, many times people focus on the past to the point that the past brings them down. Take the balloon strings and fly up and away with the balloon– past the past and into the now. Those experiences and people from the past who weigh you down need to be left behind. Float up and away into the heights of happiness and sunshine of today… the now.

As Kid Cudi so eloquently puts it, “up up and away ’cause they’re gonna judge me anyway so whatever.”