Deborah Tindle “Conflict and Blame versus Walking Away and Silence”

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Deborah Tindle, Writings
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Conflict and blame versus walking away and silence

Some people love conflict and love the blame game. Walk away as the battle they are fighting is not with you– it is with themselves. Realize that some people are removed from your life for a reason. So think before you chase after these people. Being strong doesn’t mean fighting the battle. Being strong means being able to walk away with your head held high. Being strong also sometimes means being silent. Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing. Some people are not even worth your words. Silence is powerful. Those who love to battle don’t expect silence. They expect words, motion, offense / defense, and back / forth. Silence speaks when words cannot. Have strength to walk away– and have strength to stay silent.


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