Up Up and Away by Blush

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Balloons, Deborah Tindle, Music
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What are you waiting for?
Always holdin’ up the wall
The whole wide world is your stage
Go on now, superstar
I got the beat on lock
Gonna give it all we got
You, you will find your way
If you just bring your heart
Keep, keep your eyes open wide
You might just be surprised
If we’re to join the joy ride
It is a state of mind
Come on, let’s make it happen
It’ll be more than you imagined
When words turn into action
We’ll be ready to go, go

Seconds turn into minutes
And the minutes into hours
On the clock keeps ticking
We gotta make the world ours
Gotta do what we gotta do
Right now it’s just a preview
Of what you have in store
You and I know that there’s more
Hear me now

No hesitation, Gonna rock this nation
From my town to your neighborhood
Let the people know that it’s good
I’m gonna be all that I can be
See all the things there is to see
Nod your head if you agree
Uh huh, uh huh go, go

Embrace the light
The silence will be broken
Once you face your fright
Reflection of the being who you are inside
Who shines so bright and get you
Get you up and away

Blush: Up Up and Away


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